Rob de Lange

artist and illustrator

"I look at life through a frame, I like to hold on to what moves me"

Rob de Lange (1958) studied at the Hogeschool d’Witte Lelie in Amsterdam and received a degree in education, specialising in art and artisanic handicrafts.

In 1987 he began working as a professional illustrator. Working in this field, De Lange developed his eye for detail and mastered a wide variety of illustrative techniques.

After the birth of his son in 1997, De Lange turned his hand to painting. His first painting was a self-portrait (oil on canvas) and, upon completing it, he knew he wanted to be a painter. He quickly developed into a highly skilled figurative artist with a strong sense of light and colour. The human figure and the paint itself are his most important sources of inspiration. His choice of materials and his feeling for intensity results in a style of painting that compels the viewer to feel.

De Lange prefers acrylic in his painting, while his subjects come from ordinary life: people, everyday scenes, a demolished building and occasionally a still life. In the last few years, he has allowed elements of fantasy to blend with the realism of his paintings, a development that has produced intriguing and exciting works.

De Lange’s studio is located near Zaandam in the Netherlands, and he is available for portrait commissions.